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Team Manager Important Information

We greatly appreciate all that you do as a team manager!  We hope that the information provided below and in the Links above will be helpful.  Please feel free to contact Wendy at [email protected] with any questions or other information that you would like to see included on the Team Manager Resources webpage. 


Game Day:

Paperwork Required for Game Day:

Match Report - home games only

Match Roster - use a copy of the original red stamped match roster

Player Cards

Referee fees - refer to the referee fee information below for specific fees for each level and age group.  Please try to have exact change for each referee so they do not have to make change on the field. Classic teams pay 1/2 of the total referee fees at each game


Classic Referee Fee's:

Age                 Referee Fee       Linesman Fee(x2)    Total Paid     Per Team

13U/14U         $46.00                $28.00                         $102.00         $51.00

15U/16U         $54. 00               $35.00                         $124.00         $62.00

17U+               $60.00                $42.00                         $144.00         $72.00


Classic Schedules and Scores

The North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) uses the Soccer In College (SIC) website to post schedules and scores for all of the classic teams in North Carolina. Team Managers must enter the score after each game in the SIC website.  There is a 3 way verification process to make sure both teams and the referees are in agreement.

Click here for instructions on how to enter scores in the SIC website

Click here to enter the scores in the Spring 2018 Classic League SIC website

For SIC log in and password assistance- Please contact Colby Morton at [email protected].  Include your name, team name, age group and email in your request for a log in and password. 


Tournament Info:

The Directors of Coaching have selected the tournaments in which each team will participate.  Coaches should have passed this information along to the team.

The team manager should register for these tournaments.  Please look up each tournament and be aware of the registration deadlines. Please feel free to contact Wendy at [email protected] if you are unable to find the proper website for each tournament or if you have any questions about the registration process.

Remember that the Notification to Travel form must be complete when traveling to a tournament outside of North Carolina. Please see the Notification to Travel tab for instructions and the link to complete the form. 

Each tournament will have specific instructions on the team check in process.  They may also have requirements for booking hotels.  Please be aware of these requirements and contact Wendy with any questions.


Guest Players:

Any Fusion player asked to participate in a tournament as a guest player for another association must have approval from his/her coach.  NCYSA documents must be completed and signed by the Fusion registrar, Wendy Burns.

Any Fusion team asking a player from another association to guest play in a tournament must contact the registrar, Wendy Burns, to complete and sign the appropriate NCYSA documents.