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Nov, 2018

Dazzling Derek

That's my dad shouting at me
from the touchline
like he does every game we play

I don't know why
I think we do quite well really
this week we are only losing 10-1 
and I have scored 3 times
twice in my own goal
and once in theirs-

not bad for a goalie.

Last week I was left wing
it was brilliant
I nearly scored a million times
We still lost
but who was counting?

My dad was
he got really angry
there's no pleasing him.
What he really wants to do
is to shrink back to being small like me
slip on to the field
score the winning goal
with seconds to go
defeat staring us in the face
Dazzling Derek saves the day!

But he can't
so he jumps up and down on the touchline
shouts at me
mutters and kicks the grass
stubs his toe and yells
nearly gets sent off the field by the ref

where's the fun in that?

by David Harmer