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Oct, 2018

Two Left Feet By Adam Reekie

Is it important for a soccer player to be able to use both feet with equal effectiveness? Apparently not, if your Arjen Robben. In his team's game with Augsburg on Tuesday night the Dutch man neglected to slot home with his right, instead cutting back inside onto his trusted left foot to eventually fire home. Now in defense to Robben, and which the pundits and football writers neglected to see, was that it was not an 'open goal' on his right foot AND Robben did in fact upgrade his scoring chance by coming inside to the center of the goal. Regardless, it got me thinking again about the importance of soccer players to be able to use both feet.   

Benefits of a two footed player:  
SPEED- using both feet can improve speed of thought and play. when receiving the ball players with two feet look to move the ball by receiving on the back foot to then pass front foot.  
PROTECTION- being able to use both feet will allow players to move the ball away from defenders and get body in between the opponent and ball. Shield, protect and secure possession.  
UNPREDICTABILITY- by only using one foot, it is easier for a defender to identify the movement of a player. If you are able to use both feet then it becomes virtually impossible for defenders to predict which way you will go. 
BALANCE-using both feet allows a player to shift their weight across and over the ball with balance and control. 
DISGUISE- by using both feet to disguise where the pass may go, attackers can play with both feet allowing you to go either way past a defender.    

Take Home Tips:  
*turns good players into great players 
*allows players to perform on any side of the field giving more options for team, player coach 
*allows players the chance to change games with unpredictability and inventiveness   

SO next time the ball comes to your 'wrong foot' or your coach asks you to play 'left back' instead of moaning and playing the victim can you embrace the challenge like a fighter and get you weaker foot better! imagine what Arjen Robben could do if both his feet were as good as his left!   

Author: Adam Reekie 
Source: The Coaching Manual & Sport Bible