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Sep, 2018

Player Spotlight

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Player Name: Lucas Hales 

Team: U17 NC Fusion Triad DA 

Jersey #: 30 

HS: Reagan High School 

Year: Junior Years in the Fusion: 4th year in DA program but started at Twins as a U11.  

Favorite Fusion memory? My first year with the club in Texas when we scored a late goal in showcase; all of our older age groups celebrated with us and jumped on top of our goal scorer!  

Thing you are most scared of? Snakes 

Last book you read?  Just Mercy: a story of justice and redemption.

What boots do you wear? Some type of Adidas I'm not very picky.

Favorite pre game meal? Today prior to my game I had some Broccoli, grapes, blueberries, and a sandwich which was pretty good.

Who is your hero? My sister, Corban. Before she passed away she taught me how to fight through hardship and to never give up. 

What top tunes are on your pregame play list? I usually just sleep while on my way to a game. 

Can you do any Fortnight victory Dances, if so what one? I'm pretty bad at dancing so probably not. 

What's the best thing about playing in the DA for NC Fusion ?Being able to play at a high level  

Any top tips for young Fusion players? I think young Fusion players coming up should work hard, listen to coaches, and enjoy the experience!