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What Our Parents Are Saying

We were very impressed with every aspect of the trip. 

Ian did a fantastic job of having everything scheduled with a great balance of soccer activity and cultural opportunities. It was a rare trip where you come back and have trouble to identify even one aspect that could have been different that would have made the trip better. Well done. 


Adam was a terrific leader for the boys. An identity, attitude and expectation was established upon check in at the airport which the boys responded to very well. I couldn't be more impressed with the way he balanced the "business" aspect of the trip with the fun aspect. He treated the boys like young men, and they responded in kind. NC Fusion should be very proud of the way they were represented by this group of young men.  

-Chris Armstrong, Fusion Parent


For our soccer loving family, we couldn’t have asked for a better trip.  Exceeded our expectations.  Great balance of playing and watching soccer, culture and history.  Life long friendships and memories were made.  Well planned – perfectly executed.  Many thanks to Ian and Activity Tours Europe, Adam and NC Fusion!

-Fusion Elite Parent


The Germany 2017 Fusion trip with Activity Tours Europe was the perfect combination of soccer and tourism.  Coach Adam did a fantastic job of holding the boys accountable, and it showed in their performance on the field and in their conduct off.  The German teams we played offered a range of competition, but each team was professional, and their clubs were very welcoming.  The tour activities were fun, varied, and educational.  The boys were kept busy most of the time, but allowed some limited free time to be independent and explore the small, friendly town of Tubingen.  Thanks to the organization of the trip by our tour director, Ian, and the leadership of Coach Adam, this trip fostered a high level of camaraderie and bonding between teammates. We highly recommend this trip to other Fusion players and parents. 


-Amanda Fitzgerald, Fusion Academy Parent

About Activity Tours Europe

Established in 2013, Activity Tours Europe was created after a family trip to Europe inspired us to share the same type of cultural  adventures we enjoyed. With his playing and coaching experience, as well as his passion for traveling, co-owner Ian Spooner began preparations for the first team trip to Germany in the Spring of 2014.

Working together, we create individualized itineraries to offer international excursions at affordable prices so that everyone can appreciate the culture, sports, and history of different countries. Let us help you create your own memories today!

                        - Ian and Kathryn Spooner

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